Supporting young people into fulfilling careers

Talent Match London is a youth-led approach to supporting long-term unemployed young people into positive, productive futures. By working with organisations and individuals grounded in the community, as well as employers and young people, Talent Match will help young people not only find work but navigate fulfilling and long lasting careers.

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Supporting young people into fulfilling careers

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How to solve a problem like youth unemployment?

Unemployment figures released by the National Office of Statistics reveal that youth unemployment is on the decline. That’s great news but the news doesn’t take away from the fact that youth employment is still not where it needs to be. There is a huge disparity between employment figures for those under 25 years and those…

Talent Match London presents…T Fest

To celebrate two and a half years of delivering Talent Match London, we are proud to present, T Fest, Talent Match London’s first festival on Friday 26 August 2016 at the East London Rugby Club. Hosted by D.J and model Snoochie Shy, T Fest is a fresh take on the classic careers fair. The festival will feature…

Disability and the workplace, a harsh truth

Looking for a job is hard. Filling in application form after application form in the hope of an interview or scrolling through a hundred webpages in the hope of finding a suitable vacancy. This process is even harder for young people with disabilities, who are often faced with additional barriers in their quest for employment….